Fever, the newish nightclub on Magdalen St has replaced the much loved, much hated Lola Lo’s – that place we all sold our souls to on a Tuesday night to do anything, and really anything but stay in. Boasted as a “retro bar” I had imagined the likes of Maggie’s, an 80s night club in West London in which you could expect to sit at Rubix Cube tables, hear Thatcher speeches whilst having a pee and dance to your favourite New Order and Duran Duran “guilty” pleasures. Alas, for Fever, “retro” ends with a light up coloured dance floor, two dozen disco balls and what have endlessly been referred to as “furry” red and purple velvet walls. But I like Fever. The decor, colourful and cushy (for those of us incapable of not colliding frequently with the surroundings), works well and the new club generally feels a lot more spacious than Lola’s did. More important, however, is the lack of growing eco system in the ceiling or sweat seeping from the walls.

The music might have been somewhat predictable though and involved anything from current charts, to Taylor Swift’s “22” to Earth Wind and Fire. Some called it “tragic”, some threw their limbs around, screamed and pulsated to the sound of Taio Cruz like many a sweaty specimen on the Park End Cheese Floor. I know what you’re thinking- so Studio 54! The rest of us didn’t seem to care about or notice the music, too distracted and eventually incapacitated by £2.50 double mixers and £1 jaeger bombs.

Whilst the club may have taken a while to fill up and the night a while to get going, most of us left in high spirits, hoping to return. A couple of cynical others said they’d “consider returning for pre-drinks” and one, unnamed person didn’t say anything at all, but took a 5 mile run down Cowley in a desperate attempt to work off the obscenely cheap alcohol and caffeine concoctions Fever had to offer. If that doesn’t persuade you, I don’t know what will.

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