Jake Hurfurt, Author at VERSA

News: Protests over The Grand Cafe’s endorsement of instant coffee over real coffee continue, with reports of several casualties Ok, maybe we’re joking about that. There… Read More › News: …but only if they hate Bulgarians, the LBGTQ* community , Muslims, people of colour or Romanians. What do these groups all have in common? That’s right –… […]

Catching Crabs VERSA

Dear Vice Chancellor, I have a rather, ahem, embarrassing issue. On Wednesday of Torpids week after Park End, I became, um, intimate with the Merton College M3 boat captain. While my soiree with him was, I suppose, pleasant, my concerns were raised the next morning. While drinking his instant coffee with slightly sour milk and […]

RowChat Banned for Distressing Content VERSA

‘Did I mention I got up at 5 o’clock this morning?’ We’ve all heard it. Some of us (myself included) have even initiated it. Breakfast, lunch or dinner it signals one thing: you are sitting next to a rower, and as Torpids week creeps ever closer, the chat appears more and more often. However, VERSA […]