Jake Hurfurt, Author at VERSA

News: Open Oxford: buying a used coffee cup one week, fundraising for refugees the next. Last week Open Oxford made the national news for spending over… Read More › News: The Co-Chair of OUSU’s Campaign for Racial Awareness & Equality (CRAE) was criticised by JSoc for an anti-Semitic tweet posted last week. This summer, political… […]

VERSA| The Humbug #2: The Weekly Digest

Right. It’s third week folks. Belts on and last one to 8th has to write for panoptica. Once again, here are VERSA’S highlights from last week, and Picks for the week to come. Enjoy in moderation. THE PICKS THEATRE – The Oxford Review: Halloween Comedy Special/Old Fire Station/ Friday, 8:00-9:30pm/ £5 In their first ever Halloween Special, The […]

VERSA | Rhodes Must Fall take to the streets in colonial walking tour

In their first major protest since Oriel “sold-out” to their donors, Rhodes Must Fall supporters marched through Oxford, past buildings linked to British ex-colonialists Cecil Rhodes and Christopher Codrington, on the anniversary of RMF’s foundation at the University of Cape Town. Their walking tour of sites linked to colonial Britain is the most Oxford form […]

October 2016 | Page 2 of 2 VERSA

Humbug: Isn’t second week awful!? What with essays, hangovers, and diminishing bank accounts, the Oxford mire is ever increasing. To help navigate you through the shit,… Read More › News: Merton JCR has accepted it has no banter, and announced its intention to go back to work. VERSA can reveal that the declaration of war… […]

A Truly Inclusive National Anthem VERSA

Some people at KCL have suggested that the national anthem be banned. We at VERSA quite like national anthems, so, understanding the need for inclusivity, we propose the following alternative: ‘Let’s make the safest space! Ideas not to face! Tories destroyed! We’ll whine about little things, Anthems no longer sing, Corbyn rules everything, Problems avoid! […]

VERSA: Wadham Warden calls JCR president “silly special snowflake millennial” VERSA

Disclaimer: none of these events actually occurred, and this is a work of fiction. According to sources, the warden muttered, “try it, you silly special snowflake millennial tit,” after a particularly tense meeting with the JCR president, Rain Underwood. Rain was meeting with the warden to address issues raised by JCR members, Tristain Burckerill and Storm […]