VERSA| The Humbug #5

THE PICKS THEATRE – Jeeves and Wooster/The Simpkins Lee Theatre LMH/ Wednesday – Saturday, 7:30pm/ £7.70 For the first time ever since the UK-wide tour of 2013, Jeeves & Wooster, two of the finest comic creations, return to the stage in a fantastically farcical tale of aunts, cow-creamers and crumpets. Jeeves & Wooster in Perfect Nonsense […]

VERSA | Humbug #4

Winston Bae-chill on 5th week: ‘never give up, never give up, never give up’ THE PICKS THEATRE – Frankenstein/Keble O’Reilly/ Wednesday – Sunday, 7:30pm/ £8 It’s 1929. The Great War is over. The Hindenburg Line successfully repelled the Allies’ advance, and the resulting stalemate decimated the continent. Meanwhile, Victor Frankenstein is determined to rebuild the world he […]

VERSA | The Humbug: #1 of VERSA’s weekly digest

Isn’t second week awful!? What with essays, hangovers, and diminishing bank accounts, the Oxford mire is ever increasing. To help navigate you through the shit, VERSA is introducing the ‘The Humbug’, our highlights of the week past, and picks of the week to come. So, here we go… THE PICKS THEATRE – Copenhagen/Michael Pilch Studio/ Wednesday-Saturday, 7:30/ […]