VERSA | VERSA interviews Elrica Degirmen, the Big Name ‘Off’ Campus…

On Tuesday I met Elrica Degirmen, the Manchester Student-cum-Oxford BNOC (kinda) known for her notorious posts on Open Oxford. ‘Robust dissenting opinions’, as one member recently put it… Open Oxford was founded last May by a group of Oxford students who felt that the University does not offer an adequate platform for free speech, operating on the […]

Eloise Mattimoe, Author at VERSA

Views: With the endless election coverage, it’s easy to forget just how high the stakes are. Imagine if UKIP actually won… He woke to the smell… Read More › Views: Society sexualises prepubescent girls, yet condemns those who act on that. Child abuse is terrible and we need to change the direction from which we attack it…… […]