VERSA | Report finds OULC not to be “institutionally anti-semitic”

OULC: sticking its head in the sand? We’re talking about the report compiled by Baroness Royall, which was founded to investigate claims of anti-semitism within the Labour Club. Royall, though, stated she did “not believe…there [was] institutional anti-semitism”. This flies in the face of allegations made by former co-chair, Alex Chalmers. He presented a society in which […]

VERSA | Bridge is shit and overrated

Why? Bridge as an experience is a deeply depressing never-ending groundhog day. Every week, exactly the same. You charge your way through to Anuba to load up on cheap double vodka and cokes then dance despondently to ‘Reggae Shark’, which you never thought you would end up knowing all the words to, nor wanted to. […]

VERSA | Oxford JSoc calls for clarity

In the latest chapter of the debacle involving the Labour Party and anti-Semitism, the Oxford University Jewish Society (JSoc) have called for the release of the full details of the Royalle Report into OULC in a Facebook post. In a letter being sent to the Labour Party, it is noted multiple times that though the […]


News, Procrastibait: Sick of being called the ‘place where fun goes to die’ and still reeling from Norrington-gate 2015, Merton has decided to reinvent itself as the… Read More › Uncategorised, Views: The sun rises over the city of Oxford, and the reality sets in that having that extra shot or three in Wahoo was […]


Views: A Singaporean student shares his experience of coming to the liberal UK and weighs in on the nature of free speech and political acceptability in Oxford. People: This guy turned up to an Oxford French Society Cheese and Wine night and smashed out some stellar drunken operatic falsetto. I don’t know about you, but […]


Views: Update: our news editor Max Ramsay has penned a response here.  A while ago now, a good friend asked me if I had heard of ‘Cuntry Living’.… Read More › People: Magdalen student Elsa Field, who came under fire at the start of term for a controversial article in the St John’s Gender Equality Festival zine, […]