VERSA | Matriculation: the VERSA Guide

It’s a weird, vague ceremony whereby you are officially inducted (read: indoctrinated) into the University, and after it you will have an acute feeling of “What just happened and why did it matter?” There’s a lot of standing… With that out the way, here are Versa’s key Dos and Don’ts for Matriculation. Do: Resist the urge […]

Ed McGovern, Author at VERSA

News, Procrastibait: Holy shit, it happened. Our trans-atlantic cousins actually chose to elect a man who, in his best moments: called Mexicans rapists, claimed the President was… Read More › News, People: Strange hoodies, JCRs signed up and intriguing Facebook activity, the new app “Cashew” seems to be everywhere. But what is it? Who are […]

VERSA | An open letter to ‘thesps’

Don’t get me wrong, I love being spoken to as if I am suffering from extreme deafness. Coming away from a conversation, quite probably suffering from tinitus is completely worth being subjected to the most perfect deployment of emphasis and pitch ever known in the history of linguistics. Thesps- you know when you go into […]

Kate Plummer, Author at VERSA

Procrastibait: Over the summer I swapped the hard wooden chairs of the Rad Cam for the far more welcoming embrace of my sofa; where I stoically… Read More › Procrastibait, Views: Why do you like VKS so much? Objectively- a disgusting drink that should only be consumed by 15 year olds whose livers and taste […]