VERSA | NUS referendum motion sparks serious criticism from the Student Left

In an email to all OUSU officers, Aliya Yule, ex-WomCam officer, has urged the voting members of OUSU Council to vote against the motion to have a referendum on the University’s affiliation with the NUS. She claimed supporters of disaffiliation “support disaffiliation only… when the leadership of NUS no longer looks or thinks like them.” Really? She also criticised the […]

VERSA | Lamed and Shamed: Oxford’s 10 wettest degrees

It’s a typical icebreaker during Freshers: the classic “what subject are you studying?” line. At the time, you’re nice, whatever the response. “Oh yes”, you faux-enthusiastically chirp, “Geography’s really cool”.  We cut through the bullshit and say what you really thought. Archaeology and Anthropology Glorified digging with an identity crisis, no-one really knows if it’s a […]

Alexander Olive, Author at VERSA

News: There’s nothing quite like a Facebook campaign to get Oxford engaged in a cause.   It explains why #VeggiePledge was so popular, where you could declare… Read More › Experience, Procrastibait: Union hacks are like one-hit wonders: fleetingly ubiquitous before disappearing back into obscurity, mediocrity and (most often) Finals.  With that in mind, let’s take a […]

VERSA | Why RMF and student activism must fall

My parents despair at the RMF campaign, and at all its  monotonous offspring that have oozed forth to spread their misery in the aftermath of its abject failure. When they were at university, students didn’t request (let alone demand) a platform for their whinging. Consequently, only their friends  knew what was winding them up that week, […]

Rory Fraser, Author at VERSA

Experience, Freshers’ Guide, Procrastibait: ‘Long’ – it’s an interesting word, isn’t it? When my tutor first mentioned the ‘long vac’ I nodded my shrivelled post-Prelim brain naively and imagined scenes… Read More › Procrastibait, Views: Hungover and tired of unpacking? Fear not, weary ball-goers. VERSA has summarised the latest reactions to BREXIT for you. Now whip […]

VERSA | Deanings, outrage and upset: Prince William visits Magdalen

Outrage was sparked when it was revealed that students were not allowed in the new Longwall Library from the hours of 05:00 to 11:15 this morning so that staff could carry out security checks and prepare the buildings. Some students, especially finalists, were up in arms about this, sparking a massive backlash of anti-royal sentiment. One student, without consulting […]