Welcome to the official group for #EdgyPledge 2016! To get involved with our campaign, simply post your name, college and pledge to go #Edgy for the rest of Michaelmas and beyond.

To get your #Edgy juices flowing, allow us to present you with a selection of our favourite posts thus far:

Oliver, Christ Church: I pledge to leave behind the days of wearing a school boater by buying a snapback and wearing it backwards wherever I go. I might also invest in a bucket hat for when I’m feeling particularly #edgy

Aurelia, Lincoln: I pledge to go only to Cellar and Bully nights – elitism infused with weed has a very potent scent.

Edward, New: I pledge to purchase a pair of Adidas trainers immediately, as I think they’ll add a certain je ne sais quoi to my Barbour.

Clementine, Magdalen: I pledge to eschew my Marlboro Golds for rollies – not great for my lungs, but perfect for my #edgy image.

Benjamin, Trinity: I pledge to put on a production at the BT with all my thesp pals using only interpretative dance.

Allegra, Exeter: I pledge to augment my wardrobe of wavy garms from South America by buying up everything at Oxford’s vintage fairs and charity shops.

Barnaby, Corpus: I pledge to set up my own scurrilous satirical newspaper – apparently the guys at VERSA did this in style.

These are just a handful of the inspirational #EdgyPledges we’ve received recently, so keep going #Edgy and sending them in. And rest assured, little edglings, you’re still allowed to go to Daddy’s shoot on the weekend.


A British game shooting party in Leicestershire, England.



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