Following on from the success of Humbug, VERSA is thrilled, titillated, elated, delighted, excited, proud and pleased to announce its latest venture: 


VERSopticA aims to encourages the mind to ponder on the wholly significant insignificances in life.

Expect sepia tinted images of rainy windows, poorly done marbling, vaguely moralistic stories and poetry written by elephants destroying vintage typewriters.

Image result for typewriters sepia

Gasp in delight at our post-modernist, post-feminist, post-capitalist, post-rationalist venture into our own lucid world of delights, inappropriately lower-case letters and amateur photography. We will validate your feelings of self-righteousness to the point that your heads will crash out of the tops of your skulls after journeying the Odyssey that is your anal cavity.

VERSopticA is:

art object

sex object

doggedly philosophical

perfectly fine alternative to usual capitalist toilet paper

We would like to warmly invite absolutely everyone only in Oxford’s liberal elite to submit to our group masturbation session, and to also send us some articles.

Note: this is not in any way shape or form based on or inspired by any ‘zines living or dead

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  1. gosh this is awfully dreary

  2. ‘gosh this is awfully dreary’

    could u even use posher language when trying 2 put down an article about how inaccessible the language of panoptica is? x

  3. Potentially the most mundane student piece I’ve read in a while

  4. Fuck off u talentless wanker

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