Director of Communications at global terrorist organisation, ISIS, cited Oxford student journalism as a key influence in the group’s styling and image.

Considering that the title of Oxford magazine The ISIS ‘had a bit of a ring to it’, the name was promptly adopted by the terrorist group- but only after OxStu was rejected for being ‘a bit bland’, and Cherwell because ‘no one knows how it’s actually pronounced’.

When it came to the group’s image, the Director claimed he liked the ‘no messing about minimalism’ of the VERSA logo and website. Indeed, the logo and black and white colour scheme formed the template for the notorious ISIS flag. As well as VERSA and The Isis, the Director listed the Qur’an, the Prophet Muhammad and Allah as inspirations.

Well, at least someone reads Oxford student journalism…

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  1. depressed finalist

    Jesus Christ this is crap

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