VERSA | BREAKING: NUS spent £54,000 on Election with plans for more

Oxford’s designated Out campaign for the upcoming NUS Referendum next week have unearthed evidence of £54,178.50 in spending by the NUS in last year’s General Election. The figures, provided by the Electoral Commission reveal a colossal £46,656 spent on manifesto or referendum material. NUS spending revealed The most troubling aspect of this spending is the lack of […]

The Oxford gay stereotypes VERSA

Brideshead Revisited… perhaps the greatest English novel, but certainly the one that has governed much of the romanticised image of Oxford to the outside world. With its tender, repressed, and gentle account of the love (platonic only?) between Charles and Sebastian, it has created the blueprint for the homoerotic sub-tones of Oxford life. Then, of […]

VERSA | VERSA’ BNOC (Big Nobodies on Campus) List

Harris has achieved the extraordinary feat of holding the most prestigious position in Oxford while still managing to be totally irrelevant (honestly, did you recognise him?). One school of thought holds that this owes to his mild and bookish personality, and certainly, his former position as Union Librarian supports this theory. Another equally plausible explanation […]


Experience: There are many roads to hatred, but the key ingredient in Oxford is winding a critical mass of people up. Here are our tips for aspiring public enemies Procrastibait: You can forget your modern architecture and your endless cycle rides to Cowley and Jericho. We love our city centre colleges and are going to […]


Procrastibait, Views: A round up of the mayhem and madness… Yesterday Oxford students, having fallen asleep in Great Britain, woke up to find themselves in Little England.… Read More › News: With 75% of 18 to 24-year-olds voting to remain in the EU, the leave result has left many students feeling disheartened. Data from YouGov […]