Ioan Phillips, Author at VERSA

Views: Finally, this depressing and divisive referendum campaign is at an end. Perhaps now Cornmarket Street can be reclaimed from the leafleters and placard holders. I’ve… Read More › Procrastibait: It is a truth universally acknowledged that an Oxford student, disdainful towards the populist excesses of Atik or Bridge, and in possession of a fiver,… […]

VERSA | Tayloring their message: Union looks to shake off past controversies

The Oxford Union has released a Cassette Boy style mash-up of its extensive list of celebrity speakers, ‘singing’ Tay-Tay’s 2014 hit, Shake It Off, which it doubtless hopes will help with recovery from recent controversies.  Contested elections, a relative novelty for the Union, were an attempt to prove to Oxford students that everything had changed for the debating […]