In the latest chapter of the debacle involving the Labour Party and anti-Semitism, the Oxford University Jewish Society (JSoc) have called for the release of the full details of the Royalle Report into OULC in a Facebook post.

In a letter being sent to the Labour Party, it is noted multiple times that though the Jewish student body of Oxford University has cooperated wholeheartedly with the investigations conducted by the Labour Party, they have not even been privy to the findings of the reports for which they provided evidence.

In addition, the Chakrabati Report into anti-Semitism did not make a single mention of OULC – in spite of the fact that it was the resignation of Co-Chair Alex Chalmers in Hilary 2015 which bought the issue into the public conscious.

Oxford University Labour Club were contacted for comment in the hope that they would support the cause for a minority ethnic group within the University. This request was unsuccessful. The President of JSoc has also been contacted for comment.

VERSA has often been quick to criticise OULC on the way in which it has conducted itself but we should remember that there are many ordinary and executive members working towards making the club a better place, who wholeheartedly sympathise with the case that JSoc is putting forward. 


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  1. The *entire* Left is anti-Semitic, just get rid of them all.

  2. I condemn antisemitism in all its form. Allegations against me are the result of an international Zionist conspiracy.

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