VERSA | Why the Oxford left should back Brexit

Sadly not. While the Labour party was busy turning a blind eye, the EU became a mouthpiece for big business. There are now over 30,000 political lobbyists in Brussels, second only to Washington, D.C.. The EU is fantastic for them because it is an extra step further away from ordinary workers and students like ourselves. […]

VERSA | No elitism please, we’re state school

I’d like to start with a disclaimer: I spent my adolescent years at your run-of-the mill state school. You know the type – think asbestos, brutalist 1960s architecture, and occasional chair throwing. At this point you’d be forgiven for thinking, “he’s so going to rant about how he wishes he could’ve gone to a private […]

VERSA | BioMed students campaign against VIVA bias

The End of Scholar’s Gowns? A viva (short for ‘viva voce’ – lit. ‘with the living voice’) is an oral examination undertaken by a candidate after the submission of their thesis or research project. In their current form, as with other University examinations, students are required to wear full sub fusc to their vivas. Therefore, unlike other […]

VERSA | NUS VP suspended for screaming Orwell quotes at Pensioner

Eyewitnesses say the incident occurred at a “Universities: Then and Now” discussion, when one of the pensioners attending allegedly mentioned that back in their day they “hadn’t had any of this anti-semitism nonsense” and “had felt that Israel had the right to exist”. The veins in Mr Blair-Huxley’s face reportedly quivered and he frothed at the mouth. When […]

VERSA | NUS Presidential candidate attempts to dismiss anti-semitic claims with little success

In a restrained and inquisitive letter last week, signed by 56 Jewish Society Presidents (and undersigned by hundreds more in support), Malia Bouattia was asked to explain a number of her published comments. The letter included the accusation that “describing large Jewish societies as a challenge is the politics of division and not solidarity which should be […]

VERSA | Oxford to paint the town pink in 2nd Week

With events at Freuds, G&D’s, Bridge and the Union, Oxford really is turning pink next week to try and raise money for Breast Cancer Care and two other breast cancer charities. Hopefully we can beat the Tabs at fundraising too… Following a successful launch at Cambridge in 2015, Pink Weeks have popped up on campuses around the […]

Vino with Versa: David Klemperer on why the NUS should “get off its soap box, and do the work.”

I began the interview by asking the question that everyone wants answered: “what actually is the NUS?” David was gentle. The National Union of Students, he explained, is a centralised institution with which most university student unions affiliate, representing them on a larger scale, providing them with a voice on the national stage. Like Alsace, […]