A round up of the mayhem and madness…

Yesterday Oxford students, having fallen asleep in Great Britain, woke up to find themselves in Little England. Britain had actually voted to leave the EU. As is the way of our generation, a deluge of impassioned Facebook statuses, tweets and memes flooded newsfeeds up and down the country. In short, we hate the right, the left, politicians in general, old people, white people and democracy. Such is the rage that it’s actually better to be a cisgender straight white male than a Brexiteer.

The most risible example of this selective reasoning, backed and shared by many Oxford students, was the immediate petition created to ignore the result of the first vote and hold a second referendum.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the waves of self-righteousness and lashings of hyperbole when scrolling through Facebook, so VERSA has collated the most outrageous student reactions to the EU result:


13501769_10209703223602293_97052100441920690_n - Copy

The *flooding* of Westminster with jingoism heralds the apocalypse. Obviously. And we’re a bit miffed about that.

clarke brexit

This student just sat and watched, despondent and powerless, as Britain headed towards fiscal oblivion. VERSA is yet to establish whether they were still sat watching when the pound picked up later that afternoon.

F word Brexit

The f-word (no, not French, you leave-voting xenophobes) was a common feature of EU statuses, perhaps reflecting the shock that is the first of the five stages of grief.

Speaking of:

EU Vigil

One Oxford student actually set up a vigil for the EU and for “our country’s common sense”. VERSA cannot help but marvel at the irony.

Some could see the funny side of Brexit:

5 likes Brexit

Others opted for the more traditional gloomy monologue:

Swallow Brexit

(We’ve spared you Part II – it was longer…) Note the bit where he calls someone else’s vote “selfish”  (if you aren’t too busy crying into your splendidly British tea over the state of humanity).

Colonialism Brexit

This is gold. The coining of the phrase “racist wankery” in itself deserves applause. Then there’s the fact this commentator seems to have taken it upon themselves to make the debate about colonisation. In an astonishing display of self-indulgent pseudo-intellectualism, the term “independence day” has prompted reference to “raping and killing and stealing” juxtaposed with “Struggle and Victory”. Still, VERSA is relieved to see a mature, calm and collected response to Brexit has been posited. Perhaps Cameron could do with a good scream too.

Emily Brexit

In true student politics style, this facebook evangelist has taken it upon herself to speak for the entire country, including, presumably, the majority that voted to leave. At least she still had time to change her profile picture before becoming the voice of the nation.


Farrow Brexit

We hate baby-boomers. Tunnel-visioned, selfish; unable to appreciate the position of others…oh wait.


Well, culling the opposition proved effective in China, Russia, North Korea… Nazi Germany…


Mark Brexit

…the lowest form of wit and the highest form of intelligence?

Meanwhile, some students just sought refuge in cute animal pictures:

owls brexit Winn Brexit




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  1. Typical virtue signalling from the SJW elite. Pathetic.

  2. Great to see you have changed your tune, Alex, fantastic to have you on board!

  3. You’re such a wetter, Alex. First, you (rightly) mock this leftist piss-babies, but now you regret the vote? Make up your mind! xx

  4. Good to see the silly browns and pinkos are upset about the end of their degenerate liberal dreams



  5. Finn "90 seconds" Lees

    Why has Emily’s post been edited to make it look like it was written by Zuleyka?

  6. This just in: students react hysterically to something that happened. Nation in shock. More at 11…

  7. Lukinder Surprise

    G O V E
    O ~ ~ V
    V ~ ~ O
    E V O G

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