With 75% of 18 to 24-year-olds voting to remain in the EU, the leave result has left many students feeling disheartened.

Data from YouGov shows an age divide in voting, with the majority of young people voting to remain, and over-65s voting largely to leave.

Various student organisations have voiced their opinion, with the substantial majority opposing the result.

Harry Samuels, Senior Co-chair of the Oxford University Liberal Democrats, expressed his concerns: “OULD are absolutely devastated by the result of this referendum.”

“We accept the result as the will of Britain, but disagree with the view that has been expressed, and will continue to campaign passionately for the UK to co-operate with our European partners.”

Adam Golos, member of the Oxford University Polish Society, said of the result: “As an international student I was surprised to see the outcome of the referendum. Britain, especially older generations, managed to ruin their competitive position within Europe during just one day.”

“Not only have they caused turmoil in the financial market, which may lead to many layoffs in the financial industry and beyond, but it has also destroyed the unity of the EU, which in turn may have very serious geopolitical consequences. I think it was a wrong decision, both for Britain and Europe.”

Modern language students look to be especially affected by the result. There have been particular concerns about the state of Erasmus funding, and the impact this will have on future students.

Jamie Huffer, a second-year Spanish and Portuguese student, voiced his thoughts: “especially for people studying my course, I feel like the older generation have just pulled the ladder up behind them and there is so much opportunity that has gone begging.”

The full impact of the leave vote on students will be seen over the next two years as the UK negotiates its withdrawal.



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