Status quo holds as Oxford copies the Tabs and votes to stay in the NUS.

After an increasingly bitter campaign, featuring varying degrees of rulebreaking on both sides, a horrendous “music video” by the Yes side (ft. the OUSU Prez & VP for Women) & hundreds of Facebook posts, Oxford has voted to stay in the NUS.stayput


3409 voted to stay affiliated with the NUS, and 2403 voted to leave , with 136 students abstaining – doing what students supposedly do best, not giving a damn. Turnout was 27.7%, higher than recent OUSU elections…

We’re disappointed for “No Thanks, NUS” and hope the NUS and its supporters have gotten some of the message, put students before politics & bother to deal with the string of problems raised by the No campaign.


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  1. I am outraged. Do these people have no R A T I O N A L I T Y?? lelelel #Trinity this is such a #badexperiences am I right @DavidBrowne @AnnaLukina??? *swipey eyes emoji*
    People who voted In are literally scum.
    g2g now I have to write a massive post about this on OO

  2. I voted in. One day the Corbynista stories will dry up so I need material to post on facebook all the time which means staying in the NUS

  3. 2403 racists to purge now, OUSU. You have your orders.

  4. What? Bullying, lying, and breaking the rules can win elections now? Time for a second run, methinks

  5. The hero Oxford deserves. But not the one it needs right now.

  6. Peter Hitchens was right. Britain is doomed.

  7. Don’t leave the NUS! Criticise and ridicule it!

  8. This is the perfect time to announce a new NUS scheme in celebration:

    Now Oxford holders of NUS Extra cards will receive a special rate for loans from

    The NUS can funnel their cut from this deal into funding vital spaghetti-tower training, so sabbs can learn which Syrian faction we’re supporting this week.

    Peace in the Middle East, and I can live comfortably – safe in the knowledge we’ve looked after students [payday-loan] interests…

    Everyone wins!!

  9. Lukinder Surprise


    Fuckin’ sea is waitin’ for you, NUS.

    No to NUS is bae bae bae bae bae


    btw I got a distinction in mods

  10. William rees-mogg

    Back in my uncle’s day Oxford would never have self-cucked this hard

  11. Yeah yeah, when is BASED Farage going to kick out these NUS lunatics and restore white culture to Britain?

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