VERSA | VERSA reviews the week ahead: 3rd Week HT16

Theatre: Theatre this week is looking slow – or under-promoted. Constellations is having its Oxford student theatre debut at the Keble O’Reilly from the 3rd – 6th of February. “One relationship. Infinite possibilities” doesn’t really tell us what its about, but 10/10 for edgy advertising. A 1920’s haunted house farce, Thark, looks like it could be […]

VERSA | VERSA reviews 2nd Week HT16

Theatre kicks off this week with not one, not two, but three plays for you to satisfy your craving for student dramatics. A student devised opera, This World Lousy, is playing at the church of St John the Evangelist and could be terrible, though early reviews suggest it might defy pre-conceived expectations about ‘student devised opera’. The […]

VERSA | NEW: VERSA reviews 1st Week HT16

Nothing to report I’m afraid – it’s a bit too early in the term, though VERSA’s thespian contacts inform me that this term will be packed full of the usual range of student plays, from high-end productions of famed masterpieces, to the sort of shows in the BT Studio where 8 people turn up (mostly because they got […]

Thomas Munro, Author at VERSA

News: VERSA has gained access to an open letter being drafted to Chris Patten, chancellor of the university, which a growing number of JCR presidents and… Read More › Experience: Somehow VERSA was invited back to review another play. This time it was Woyzeck, a fragmentary tragedy which was being performed, in the original German,… […]

VERSA | Cross-dressing cock-up enrages Teddy Hall JCR

In a controversial move, Kelvin Keeley – 2nd year E&M student, retired hack and aspiring fashionista – decided to mark the occasion by donning a little black dress. What a catch… Some students took exception to Keeley’s choice of attire, deeming it inappropriate. Later that evening JCR president Tom Dyer, sent out an email warning students to be […]

VERSA | Oxford delegation wants out of NUS

They are not the first student group to have made such a suggestion, with a Cambridge student group having made a similar call for CUSU to disaffiliate. In case you missed it, Ms Bouattia’s election was one of the occasional moments when the national press takes notice of the bizarre world of student politics to […]

VERSA | Oxford officially backs In vote

Oxford University declares its official support for Britain’s membership of the European Union. In an email sent to all students last Friday, the Oxford University Council made clear its stance on the EU referendum, backing the In campaign… A bunch of bourgeois academics back the EU – who would ever have guessed? The statement claimed […]

VERSA |Oxford students to march against Donald Trump

Shrouded by the familiar fragrances of Kebab Kid and the previous night’s vomit, the march will begin in Gloucester Green at 12pm, before moving through the city centre for an hour and a half of protest. It’s an event certain to send shockwaves across the Atlantic and destabilise the US presidential race. The march has already gathered much […]