VERSA | Collections: Can you not?

Collections. More of an inconvenience than anything else really. They’re not important enough for you to really care about doing well, yet the prospect of sitting in an exam hall for 3 hours, not knowing anything is frightening enough to force you into half-hearted revision. And how do you even revise for them? Some subjects reuse […]

Guild committee storm(zy)s out en-masse

In a group letter written to the President and Chair of the Oxford Guild, members claimed that the current “framework and culture” within the Guild had made their continued commitment “untenable”. Two of the society’s four Vice-Presidents, the entire executive committee and a chunk of the general committee all walked out. Specifically, criticism was levelled […]

VERSA | Fresh scandal at heated OULC general meeting

Yesterday night the Corbynist wing of OULC demonstrated the openness, inclusivity and willingness to debate that characterises the “New Politics”… by depriving their enemies within the club of the ability to vote in future TGMs. The proposed motion originally demanded that ALL members of other student political societies; including OULD, OUCA, OSWEP and others, be […]

VERSA | Being a ‘recovered’ anorexic at Oxford

When people discuss the generally poor mental health of Oxford students, factors such as the pressure of academia, isolation from everyone working so hard, sleep deprivation, poor diets and less chance to exercise, and indeed the general emotional climate of Oxford come up as causes repeatedly. These factors do not help one bit, I can […]