In the latest confirmation that OUSU is filled with green-voting vegans, plans to create an ‘edible planting group’ have come to light. 

In an email to the JCR-notice mailist, Vice President for Charities and Community, Emily Silcock, outlined her plans to make Oxford greener, in the wonderfully named ‘Incredible Edible’.

In something close to a parody, the email invites students to “Imagine that you go into your department in the morning and in the foyer there is a planting container where tomatoes have been growing for the last couple of months. They’re free for you to pick and cook with, along with some beans and lettuce”… Yes, imagine. 


OUSU plans for the ground floor of the Rad Cam

We are certain that this sort of communal, vegetable sharing living is exactly what OUSU should be concerning themselves with and, despite our lovely student union refusing to give VERSA comments on principle, we will be signing up for a virtual vegetable garden as soon as its available. For those of you not put off by the eerily utopian ring of Ms. Silcock’s vision, there will be a meeting to discuss the project at 5pm this Tuesday in St John’s MCR. Find out more here, you tree-huggers you.

VERSA can’t help but wonder what next nutcase initiative OUSU will conjure from its nether-regions. Shall we incinerate retired dons to heat the homeless perhaps, or how about turning Wadham into one large compost heap… actually – there might be something to that…



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