Peterhouse beat St. Johns already this UC season in the quarter finals, and sadly this final was a repeat with a storming 215-30 scoreline in favour of Cambridge.¬†Cambridge answered questions on measurements of time, German mathematicians and Italian Futurism to vanquish St. Johns, who in Paxman’s words can “do much better”.


The dream team (unfortunately only second best).

Peterhouse went down to minus 10 at the start despite the endearingly nerdy Powell’s best efforts, before he brought it back with about six correct starters in a row. St. Johns’ participants got off to an even worse start, and went down by about 100, never to recover. St. Johns’ Harries even called a circumflex accent a Chinese Hat.

VERSA felt like the Peterhouse team microphones were a lot louder (which was very entertaining) as Powell asked “It’s not Einstein, so what other German scientists are there?” before shushing everyone while he was trying to figure out every answer for himself. In fact the story of the final was¬†the story of Powell, he carried the team extremely well and had some great facial expressions with the BBC cameraman knowing exactly where to look while Paxman was reading out the next question. Peterhouse team captain Woods’ coy looks towards the camera and slowly rolled out answers were also entertaining.

In the end, we’ve got to give it to John’s for getting quite so far, and we will certainly all miss C. Clegg’s fantastic Scottish accent. Better luck next year, boys.


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