Civil wars throughout history have been numerous. They have been bloody. However, The Wars of the Roses, The Troubles, the American civil war, the Korean war and even the Westerosi War of the Five Kings all pale in comparison to the ongoing violence taking place within the hallowed virtual walls of Open Oxford.

What is Open Oxford? Open Oxford is a Facebook group, promoting “freeze peach”. What a truly noble cause, in our repressive, censorship-heavy society, deserving of our respect and admiration. However, after a few individuals exercised their right to free speech a bit too much with “shit-posting”, a Great Purge began. Some leading “freeze-peachers” were brutally slashed by the admins.

Reactions to this were mixed. The Purge was applauded by some, on the basis that “nobody wants to see what everyone does on their holiday” and that the offenders had made “an audience of about 4000 people…see all of their shit attempts at humour and silently cringe”.

Screenshot 2016-03-30 21.22.31

They are in turmoil.

What has made some rather hot under their too tight collars seems to be that the idea of removing people from a free speech group for exercising their right of free speech seems counter-intuitive. This has led to some impassioned speeches, calling for reforms, revolution and reshaping.. The situation was elegantly summed up here:

Screenshot 2016-03-30 21.20.27

Puts Virgil to shame, really.

Some were even provoked into abandoning the cause out of their own accord, like true martyrs of our time.

Screenshot 2016-03-30 20.42.58

Pray for the fallen brother.

Tempers have been stirred to such heights that a reactionary rebel group called Open Rebellion has been created. This group aims to create a safe space for free speechers (I know, right?).

Screenshot 2016-03-30 22.09.47

So warm. So fuzzy. So safe.

However, tensions have already arisen within Open Rebellion with some even imploring re-entry into Open Oxford.

Screenshot 2016-03-30 22.30.38

John Hamilton-Curzon does not exist. He never existed. Double-plus-good.


Screenshot 2016-03-30 22.28.50

We agree, Tara, we agree.

All in all, VERSA hopes that all parties involved will one day make peace with each other. Until then, Viva la Revolution! 

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  1. Oh get a life you brats!

  2. 1488 RACE WAR NOW 1488

    88 WHITE POWER 88

  3. So memes. Such dank.

  4. Versa are still giving me publicity?

    Thank fuck I left this bunch of incompetents.

  5. My theory is OO was invaded by the aliens. Just sayin’

  6. ur mum lel

  7. I made the Kessler run in less than 12 parsecs.

  8. Return to your homes. The purge is in effect.

  9. Return to your purge. The homes is in effect.

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