There was international shock this month as league table producers such as Times Higher Education (THE) and QS released their latest tables, with Oxford (pronounced ‘ŏks′fərd’ ) performing well across the board.

THE ranked Oxford as being the 4th best university in the UK in terms of student experience. Meanwhile, QS deemed it the best university in the world for humanities, scoring, in fact, above all other universities in the world that teach humanities.

These exciting reports sent national media into a tail spin, with papers such as the Independent and the Guardian compiling many extensive reports and analysis on Oxford’s success.

VERSA spoke to a 3rd year English student about the news who said: “I can’t believe it. There you are in lectures, on course for a 2:1, balls deep in the works of Keats and Shakespeare and you do find yourself thinking, but what if another uni taught humanities better? Knowing that I am a member of an elite institution; my mind is now firmly at rest. Thank you QS,”.

But THE and QS were not the only producers of league tables. The Complete University Guide also compiled one, so keen prospective applicants can do more research to their hearts content. It placed Oxford second in the world in its overall scoring, beaten by rival Cambridge, but still doing better than Glyndwr University, sadly coming in at 123rd.

Oxford University is the oldest university in the English speaking world and the world’s second oldest surviving university. It has educated notable alumni, including 26 British Prime Ministers such as Margaret Thatcher. It has produced 16 nobel prize winners in medicine and 20 Archbishops of Canterbury.

With these new findings, VERSA hopes that Oxford gets the publicity it deserves to reach new successes. In the meantime, we wish the nationals well in their pursuit of the art of journalism.

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