Today, at the most contested sporting fixture of the calendar, Oxford pulled ahead to victory in the women’s race but ultimately failed to totally annihilate the Tabs, losing in the men’s race.

The afternoon started with a draw between the reserves, with Blondie (the Cambridge women’s reserves) beating Oxford, but the Oxford men’s reserves defeating the Tabs.

Following this came a comfortable victory for the Women’s boat, who trounced those Cambridge scum through a mixture of shrewd tactics and sheer endurance. Oxford were the favourites to win this race, and this marks their 4th consecutive victory. Better luck next time to the Tabs, who nearly sank but eventually got to the finish line.


Boat Race

How do you know if there’s a rower at your party? They’ll tell you.

Next up, the men. Both crews stuck pretty close for the first stretch but Cambridge slowly pulled ahead and had nearly a length on Oxford when the two teams hit the same choppy water which had caused problems in the women’s race. Oxford fell further behind as the Cambridge boat’s weight allowed it to power through. Once clear of the ‘white horses’ the distance was too great, and despite the efforts of the Oxford cox, Oxford crossed the finish line a few lengths behind Cambridge.

All in all, a mixed bag for Oxford. Is this the end of Oxford’s dominance, or a mere blip after which our innate superiority will be asserted?¬†Only next year will tell.¬†



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