In what may be the most elaborate pre-ing session for Mayday yet, Oxford students will be gathering on the 30th April to march against Donald Trump – Republican US presidential hopeful and toupee advocate.

Shrouded by the familiar fragrances of Kebab Kid and the previous night’s vomit, the march will begin in Gloucester Green at 12pm, before moving through the city centre for an hour and a half of protest. It’s an event certain to send shockwaves across the Atlantic and destabilise the US presidential race.

The march has already gathered much social media attention, with nearly 250 people either ‘interested’ or ‘going’ on the Facebook event ‘Oxford Students March Against Donald Trump’ after just two days. This is nearly half the number of people who attended the most recent #RhodesMustFall protest. Given that this level of attendance is without the national media attention surrounding RMF, it seems as if the march will be something to watch out for.


No caption needed.

Keen to avoid any violence, the organisers have said that they hope opinions will be expressed in a ‘peaceful but vocal’ way – something that surely goes without saying amongst students at an internationally-renowned university. We all know how peaceful it was when Marine Le Pen came to visit.

Speaking to VERSA, the event organiser, who did not wish to be named, commented: “It’s important that we peacefully express our opinions on issues that affect the world. Donald Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous and has consequences far beyond American borders. Silence is consent, and as Americans, we refuse to be silent about one of our country’s presidential candidates that mocks and ridicules disabled-persons, women, Mexicans, Muslims, and others.”

Given that the vast majority of British narratives are already firmly against the American hate figure, whether the march will have any impact remains to be seen, but here at VERSA we will be watching from the sidelines, spicy chicken wrap in one hand and generic protest sign in the other.

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  1. “Silence is consent.”

    #controv #nomeansno

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