Last night the exec and committee members of the prestigious Oxford Guild Business Society resigned en masse.

In a group letter written to the President and Chair of the Oxford Guild, members claimed that the current “framework and culture” within the Guild had made their continued commitment “untenable”. Two of the society’s four Vice-Presidents, the entire executive committee and a chunk of the general committee all walked out.

Specifically, criticism was levelled at the “counterproductive” influence of individuals that “are no longer at the university and yet insist on being omnipotent within the Guild”…Strong words indeed. 

Moving forward, these disaffected members plan to start a new business society called the ‘Oxford Student Foundation’, which will be run in a “meritocratic and transparent manner”, to better exemplify their “beliefs, values and ideas”.

One can only presume that these certain omnipotent individuals are the very same behind the Kanye West speaker event last year which was heavily criticised by students for its lack of transparency in ticket assignment. Perhaps the egotism of Yeezus has rubbed off…

Speaking to VERSA, a spokesperson for the new society commented:

The Oxford Student Foundation is a unique platform that offers a network of initiatives – providing students with hands-on experience and valuable opportunity. The Foundation and its revolutionary approach, allows students to discover the work that truly inspires them. OSF will link together a number of existing societies such as the Oxford Microfinance Initiative and the Oxford Strategy Group, and will found Initiatives in areas such as law, entrepreneurship, asset management and banking, that do not currently exist.”

The Oxford Student Foundation will launch officially at the start of Trinity 2016.

Both George Riley, current President, and Abbas Kazmi, Chairman, have been contacted for comment.

VERSA wishes the Oxford Student Foundation all the best in the future – perhaps, it will prove to be an altogether less oligarchical set-up.

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  1. I love it when people stab their friends in the back in Oxford societies

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