Well, edible anuses are a novel way to inject a bit of fun into OUSU council…

In what can only be described as mixing business with pleasure, Marina Lambrakis (OUSU Council Chair and future VP for Graduate Students) made a cock-up of grand proportions, sending out an email to every MCR president and OUSU committee member with a link to edible anuses on Amazon.
The email was supposed to be about constitutional arrangements for an OUSU vote, informing its recipients about who is and is not eligible to vote in Common Room votes. In attempting to attach a constitutional document however, Lambrakis inserted the link to these bizarre chocolate delights. Oops. 



The email discusses the importance of democracy and included  an explanation of how many votes each Common Room is entitled to, with a link to OUSU’s General Regulations . However, clicking on the hyperlink led the recipient to an Amazon page where one could buy ‘edible anuses’. Frequently bought-together items on the page included a book called ‘Images You Should Not Masturbate To’ and ‘A Practical Guide to Racism.’ , both of which look more interesting than OUSU rules.

Realising her mistake, Lambrakis sent up a follow up email with the correct link, saying: “I know, I know. This is why you shouldn’t Facebook and email at the same time. My bad.” Lambrakis also took to Twitter to express her dismay at this lack of professionalism, tweeting ‘Kill me now’ in a dramatic act of self- deprecation. A reasonable reaction, VERSA feels.

Freud once said that there is no such thing as an accident… Don’t worry, Marina. VERSA hopes Amazon Prime and the edible anuses bring you pleasure. 

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