VERSA | OutRAGe at photoshopped moustache

Chris, we moustache you a question…  VERSA can exclusively reveal, thanks to the razor-sharp eyes of one of our reporters, that the suave moustache RAG President Chris Williams is sporting in his Facebook profile picture is actually fake. Is nothing sacred?! The colour’s a bit off Chris… Whilst many other men in Oxford have pledged […]

Lewis Hedges, Author at VERSA

News: In a surprising display of generosity, John’s JCR passed a motion authorising £150 of JCR money to cover expenses at President’s fortnightly meeting and “informal… Read More › Experience: VERSA went to find out what it was like in Oxford’s finest gentlemen’s club… Strip clubs get a lot of bad press. Their depictions in… […]

VERSA | Oxford welcomes North Wadham

Oxford is set to welcome its 39th college. The college that was formerly known as simply ‘Wadham’ has split, with a break-off group of students creating the Democratic People’s Republic of North Wadham. VERSA understands that the split occurred due to ideological imperfections in what is now known as South Wadham. It is believed that […]