A brand new section from us at VERSA, looking through and selecting the pick of events due to happen in the week ahead:

Music and Theatre:

Nothing to report I’m afraid – it’s a bit too early in the term, though VERSA’s thespian contacts inform me that this term will be packed full of the usual range of student plays, from high-end productions of famed masterpieces, to the sort of shows in the BT Studio where 8 people turn up (mostly because they got lost on the way to the Playhouse).

Club Nights:

Continuing its reputation as one of the tackiest clubs in Oxford, Lola Lo’s is hosting a Bieber night this Tuesday. Even if you hate JB, the £1 Jägerbombs mean that while you might not be starting your term in style, you’ll at least be starting it drunk.


Admit it, his new album is decent enough…

For the more edgy among you, this Thursday at Cellar is Patchwork 6. Apparently the music will have ‘grooves’ and ‘funk’ which I understand are good things to have. Anyway, there’ll be house music, and tickets are just £4.


Known for being one of the least controversial and safest spaces in all of Oxford, the Union is starting the term quietly, with a panel discussion on Tuesday 19th on “Must Rhodes Fall?” and a debate about holocaust denial on Thursday 21st. Should be a quiet week then, free from protest and angry OxStu articles. The political societies are staying fairly quiet this week though, with no speaker events.

One event this week outside the Oxford bubble is commander Chris Hadfield, who’s speaking at the New Theatre tomorrow – according to the event, he will be singing Space Oddity and other songs in addition to being an inspiration to all of us who wanted still want to be astronauts.

Other things:

Later in term the Oxford TedX conference is on, and this Wednesday there’ll be an introduction to it with free – yes, free – tea and coffee at the Rad Cam at noon and free ice cream at G&Ds at 6. This is a must for scientists, and anyone looking to scrounge free tea and ice cream, which is probably most students.

So there you go, some things to do whilst you try and avoid starting to work this term. Got an event you think we’d like to know about? Email editor@versanews.co.uk and let us know. 

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