VERSA | A Scandinavian Royal ruins Christmas in Oxford

Suddenly, my computer ‘blinged’. Awoken from my procrastinative slumber, I peered over the screen. It was a Facebook notification. ‘Oxmas Party’ it read. “What is this?” I whispered to myself in naïve fresheryness. Scrolling further down, I read the description: ‘Secret Santa’, ‘tinsel’, ‘fun’, were the operative words. “Hmmm”, leaning back, I stroked my metaphysical […]

VERSA | The Oxford radical’s dictionary

Ahh, radicalism. It’s a tricky thing, isn’t it? Trying to reconcile your hatred of decadent and corrupt Western capitalism with your love for your iPhone and shiny new MacBook Air. Not only that, but there’s an entirely new lexicon to go with it. Words that you thought you knew now mean something else entirely. And […]