Oxford Universitiy’s Vice-Chancellor Andy Hamilton is set to move to the Big Apple this January to become the President of New York University – and the uni has revealed that his residence will receive a $1.1 million upgrade. Fancy. 

The New York Times today reported that the four bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom two-storey penthouse apartment in Greenwich Village will be refurbished in time for Hamilton’s arrival there. The costs will be at least 1.1 million dollars, but could be double that. Not that Andy is a stranger to massive sums of money, with his salary previously being the highest of any UK vice-chancellor.

The penthouse also comes with an ‘expansive’ roof terrace and two private entrances, and has views towards the financial district. Not that this is good enough for our Andy.


Professor Andrew Hamilton (BSc, MSc, PhD, FRS) was admitted as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford on 6 October 2009. His research interests lie at the interface of organic and biological chemistry, with particular focus on the use of synthetic design for the understanding, mimicry and potential disruption of biological processes.

These teeth are made from ivory,  polished by duchesses, and paid for by the access fund.

NYU has come under fire before for its lavish spending on top administrators at the university, with a scandal surrounding generous loans given to the current president for the purpose of buying holiday homes. Although with a $3.5 billion endowment they can probably spare the odd million.

In the statement regarding his appointment, the university promises that Prof. Hamilton will be maintaining an active schedule of teaching and research and so proving great value for money. VERSA could not find any specific information on what his salary will be, but his predecessor, John Sexton, receives a salary of $1.5 million, and will apparently receive $800,000 every year from now on in ‘retirement benefits’. Jammy or what?

We are not exactly sure what “four and a half” bathrooms looks like, but VERSA hopes Prof. Hamilton enjoys his swanky apartment. 

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  1. It us absolutely shameful that Vice Chancellors are paid so much when many scouts are paid less than the living wage

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