VERSA | Oxford student sentenced to death

An Oxford postgrad student at the Blavatnik School of Government, Asem was a member of the defunct Freedom & Justice Party, the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood once led by ousted President Mohammed Morsi. Morsi was also sentenced to death, alongside Asem and 14 men who were members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The court […]

VERSA | The sad reality of sexual assaults at Somerville: college crack down after more harassment in Hilary than last six years combined

The number of reported incidents of sexual harassment last term in Somerville was shockingly high, outnumbering the the past six years combined, according to minutes from an emergency JCR meeting. The news has come out after Alice Prochaska, Somerville’s Principal, emailed the entire undergraduate body of the college on Friday evening, condemning the deterioration of the ‘climate of […]

VERSA | Even Godfrey Bloom is on Cuntry Living

UPDATE: GODFREY BLOOM HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED FROM CUNTRY LIVING BY THE ADMINS FOR CALLING ONE COMMENTER A ‘SILLY YOUNG LADY‘… WELL, IT WAS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME. Godfrey Bloom, everyone’s favourite reporter-hitting, bongo-loving, slut shaming ex-MEP has this evening revealed himself as CL’s latest active poster. Mr Bloom made himself known to the […]

If Wimbledon stars had gone to Oxford… VERSA

What colleges would they have been in? SW19 has seen an eclectic mix of characters over its long and storied history, and no less so nowadays than in times gone by. Our colleges have a similarly diverse range of supposed traits and stereotypes, from highly-driven professionals to downright troublemakers. VERSA has helpfully put two and […]

VERSA | The perks of being a pole dancer

What comes to mind upon hearing the words “pole dancer”? I’ll save you some time: it generally comes with connotations of sleaziness, stripping, and other equally pejorative terms. The sport has been around for a while now – but few even recognise it as such. As a result, a few years ago Swansea University Students’ Union briefly banned its student […]

VERSA | BREAKING: IRSoc event cancelled due to security concerns

Tonight’s International Relations Society event, a talk by Israeli Embassy spokesman Yiftah Curiel at Christ Church, has been cancelled with the society citing security concerns following the terror attacks in Paris on Friday. IRSoc released a statement, saying that they had taken advice from the security teams at the University and the Israeli Embassy, as well […]