Berk Bektas has once again swapped parties amid an internet storm…

Anyone who has met Berk Bektas will know that he takes his left-wing principles very seriously. Formerly Chair of the Oxford Brookes Conservative Association and local council candidate for the Conservatives, Berk’s defection to Labour (during a public speaker event of his own organisation) raised more than a few eyebrows in Oxford ‘politics’.


A return to former glory? Berk (far right – how apt) pictured here with the Home Secretary and members of the Conservatives’ Team2015

Since his change of heart, Berk has become a formidable force on the internet and beyond: expressing views out-of-step with his own frequently results in being labelled a “neoliberal bumlicker”, or a “Blairite bitch”.

In the course of a recent discussion about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Berk made some much-criticised remarks accusing party moderates of being “basic bitches”. This was met with condemnation by members across the party spectrum, and there were indications made by numerous individuals that they would make a complaint to Labour HQ:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 20.48.00

HackWatch can reveal that tonight Berk has left the Labour party and rejoined the Conservatives.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with political flip-flopping; Winston Churchill defected from the Conservatives to join the Liberals and back again (as Berk immediately pointed out to VERSA). 

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 20.48.09
Upon being contacted for comment, Berk expounded his own conservative beliefs in the monarchy, the United Kingdom’s ability to control its own borders, and his opposition to the European Union. He stated that the recent conflict was ‘not the first time [he] clashed with party members on issues concerning solidarity’, and went on to add ‘I wish [Oxford Brookes Labour Party] the best of luck, it’s full of good, decent people, and I see them as formidable opponents rather than enemies.’ Magnanimous in defection: VERSA approves.

Berk and Boris
‘People can change’. You’d better believe it…

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  1. He’s still not as much of a traitor as the bastard Joe Miles

  2. >calls people Judas for criticising Jeremy and says that they should just go and join the Tories
    >goes and joins the Tories

  3. More good work by my friends in the Compliance Unit

  4. I definitely didn’t jump before I was pushed! No, this is a noble resignation

  5. Please excuse my brother guys – now you know why I’ve never publicly mentioned having a sibling at Brookes before

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