Union EU debate sees hundreds wondering, in or out?

As the cold winds of winter swept across Oxford, 100s of bedraggled, overworked and somnambulant students crouched, hunched and shivered in the distant hope of getting into the EU debate at the Oxford Union. Hours passed and the queue grew from a band of keen intrepid first arrivals at 2pm to a continuous line stretching to St Peter’s College.

No one came out to count them. No one told half of them they couldn’t get in.

Those that did get in were unpleasantly surprised to see a full eight rows reserved for Union Committee and guests (eight?!).

 The entire front is reserved. Will @OxfordUnion be able to justify this with so many waiting in the cold? pic.twitter.com/m6bx8qtpCw

— Jonathan Goddard (@jonathangoddard) November 23, 2015

Some frostbitten students took to the event’s Facebook page to vent their frustration, with choice comments including:

“IS THIS A JOKE? I understand that there is a limited capacity but it’s absolutely ridiculous to make people wait in the cold until 15 minutes before the emergency debate begins before cutting the queue again. How is it possible that there is not one person on the committee who could count to 450 and let us get back to our work? We’re not paying £250 to freeze on the street for 3 hours +”

Another pissed off member commented on the Facebook event: “The only benefit I can take from my hours of queueing in the cold is the lovely warm Maccies I had.” #SiverLinings?

Someone’s even made a change.org petition (maybe a bit far?). Maybe the Union will consider ballots for events in future. Members have work, it’s cold, and they paid over £200 to join… they’d probably appreciate a bit of care and attention.

The only thing colder than the poor sod’s queueing tonight was Nigel’s pre-debate pint…


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  1. DELICIOUS TEARS give me more whiny fucks I must feast on your sorrow

  2. Sounds like this event was inaccessible and exclusionary, just like singing and fun.

  3. Guys, can we please not other the Union?

  4. I’m condemning this because, I’m a principled journalist, and not just because I tried and failed to get Zuleyka into office.

  5. Don’t you wish now that you hadn’t been RACIST and had elected me?

  6. I blame the Jew

  7. Sounds to me like Stuart Webber colonized those front rows like he colonizes Henna Dattani’s bloodline.

  8. I blame that TRAITOR Joe Miles.

  9. Queues are literally an act of violence.

  10. If only I’d been made President the gloves would be off by now.

  11. A typical failure of central planning. These are exactly the sort of problems my parents faced when they suffered under Leninism in Czechoslovakia.

  12. If only we’d bombed Iran, this would all have been different

  13. Over £200 for membership? If you need help raising money to pay for that, I’d suggest Wonga.com

  14. If only these stepford students had been exposed to more frozen peaches, they wouldn’t find cold hard reality such a shock.

  15. slither slither slither

  16. David 'jazz hands' Parton

    Instead of this, come to my meeting so we can amend the constitution so I can be co-chair. Maybe it’ll even reach quorum!!!!!! #getpumped #accessibility #ReadyforHillary


  18. Why is versa reporting this and not reporting events in beirut? This is worse than when people showed solidarity with France

  19. This thread is getting better turnout than the OUSU elections did.

  20. I am untouchable

  21. Finn "90 seconds" Lees

    I thought about queuing for hours but I didn’t think I’d last that long

  22. neoliberal bumlickers

  23. I will not express opinions on this matter.

  24. Edwin "DROK" Burlton


  25. Aren’t we behaving ourselves nicely?

  26. After seeing Berk Bektas’ shitposting, we’re discontinuing our politics degree out of shame.

  27. Top tip for when it’s cold in the union queue: when your tauntaun freezes to death, slice it open and crawl inside.

  28. All 5 of our members got there nice and early to support clegg.

  29. Olivia Merrett could have handled this queue just like she tamed my snake.

  30. I don’t understand this joke

  31. Guys, one place you’ll never have to queue for is my LEGENDARY table at BRIDGE! Everyone is welcome to come and discuss the week’s scandals with me over several bottles of Belvedere. Just say my name on the door because everybody there knows who I am. X

  32. Madalena 'I hate fun' Leao

    Queuing!? Sounds dangerously enjoyable to me.

  33. This would never have happened if Cecil Rhodes had been in charge. A model of efficiency.

  34. *Serious Post, sorry* The deadline for registering to vote is TOMORROW and the govt is conducting boundary reviews on the basis of who is on the electoral roll. The current figures for students (everyone was taken off the roll this summer) registered is 1%. 1%. 99% of students are currently unregistered. 60% of young people voted at the last election. If we want MPs that respond to young people, or constituencies that better reflect the population of an area, please take 5 mins to register yourself and tell your friends.


    • I know I’ve been hounding you about registering to vote and to be honest it’s leaving me a bit husky. However, we can’t be cavalier about the choices facing this country and that’s why I’m so dogged about people doing this. Don’t leave Britain in a ruff state come 2020.

    • Jan Vaclav Nédvidek

      Just remember. My parents never had to opportunity to register to vote while in communist Czechoslovakia. Don’t miss your chance.

  35. You might say, all things considered, that Enoch was right

  36. I don’t know if anybody’s mentioned it yet, but…

  37. apollo apollo apollo

  38. My plan is working.

  39. I find these comments inaccessible.

  40. Why is this not a live blog? #Slackwatch

  41. If I appear in VERSA comments, does that mean I’m still a BNOC?

  42. This is basically genocide

  43. It begins with queuing for events, it ends with the deaths of millions.

  44. I find the Union buildings physically triggering.

  45. Is there a difference between the Edens?

  46. These comments are incredibly violent. Just ask my good friend Annie Teriba.

  47. I like cats.

  48. Who am I?

  49. Elections are coming.

  50. These are some very vicious comments tonight. Looks like I’m going to have to call the Compliance Unit.

  51. Bumlicking blairite JUDAS!!1!

  52. Literally what am I ever talking about

  53. I apologise for my comments on this thread.

  54. What even is this comment section?

  55. If I was Charlie, I’d have threatened to resign by now.

  56. All the pieces of my plan continue to fall perfectly into place.

  57. Oh wow, those people “had to” sit in the cold, what suffering. Won’t someone think of the cows and Lib Dem MPs, who both suffer far more?

  58. I’m surprised the debates are still being attended without my famous floor speeches! It’s a shame I couldn’t be there for one of my classic photos with Niamh (please see my profile pictures for previous innocuous photographs with female Union officers). Regardless, I think we all know that this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for that traitor Joe Miles

  59. As a half-Asian male feminist I must say I am disgusted and yet unsurprised by this latest act of violence against the people of Oxford. I’ve always hated the Union (despite desperately trying to ingratiate myself unsuccessfully for years, then failing to become RO – that was all a ruse) and I’ve always been a staunch left-wing SJW (despite being thrown out of OUCA for shouting “shame for being a woman!” and being too offensive for even an all-male colonial drinking society).

  60. You know you’re a hack when you appear in VERSA comments

  61. I am such a BNOC hack

  62. Ben Crompton:, ex-president, ex-secretary, ex-whip, ex-committee, trinity college

    All the people above should kill themselves

  63. These posts are almost as dank as my memes.

  64. I was described in two national newspapers as both cruel arrogant, which sounds negative, but also as a “leading student Tory”.

  65. Creating this University was a big mistake.

  66. If only they balloted for the tickets that’d mean I’d decide everything.

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