If you actually care about OUCA & OULC’s position on the EU, you’re in for a treat.

Following Jeremy Corbyn’s completely consistent lead on this issue, OULC voted to back the ‘In’ campaign.  OULC Co-chair David Klemperer commented ‘”At our General Meeting, OULC re-affirmed its commitment to solidarity and internationalism by voting to officially support continued membership of the EU.”

VERSA is pleased Labour actually knows what side they’re on now after former eurosceptic Jez has suddenly decided (been told by other members of the cabinet) the EU is a good thing.

In contrast, OUCA has decided to not endorse either side. Writing on Facebook, OUCA Prez Jan Nedvídek “Considering the variety of views which our members have on the question of EU membership, OUCA has decided not to support either the ‘in’ or the ‘out’ campaigns. This stance is in accordance with the Conservative Party’s own position of allowing members to make up their own minds about the issue.

Recent polls suggest 75% of Tory supporters want to leave the EU, and past Port & Policy speeches would suggest the association is not exactly enamoured with Brussels. Well, we can only hope they all get on. It is likely many Eurosceptic Tory MPs will have to recite the words of Francis Urquhart when asked if we should leave the EU in the coming months: “You might very well think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.”

In more interesting news, some paint has dried and the sun rose this morning.


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  1. Those who voted against the motion have upcoming meetings with the compliance unit.

  2. David 'Jazz Hands' Parton

    guyzzz, this was just one of my many #reform proposals to OULC! I’ve even called a whole meeting just so you can hear about my plans to change article 7 of the constitution! #getpumped #accessibility #makemecochairplease

  3. Why was this even an article? Who even cares?

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