Whoops! Turns out that notoriously cool and edgy OxStu don’t know their grime music…

VERSA Finishing School The Oxford Student made an embarrassing design gaffe this week, when a picture of the grime rapper Stormzy emerged next to a gig review for Skepta, in the Music section of the weekly paper. Awks…

Not Skepta...

Not Skepta…

OxStu were quick to apologise for their alarming lack of knowledge of grime music, and blamed the mistake on “incorrectly named files.” They also added that this was not in the control of the writer of the article.




Commentators soon jumped on social media to accuse the propaganda wing of OUSU as being ‘racist’. One of the most outspoken of these commentators was Kiran Benipal, OUSU’s CRAE Co-Chair, who was exposed as for anti-semitic comments on her Twitter. Those in glass houses… 

We would like to offer our friends over at the OxStu our sympathy and some training in how to name files; we understand that computers must be confusing for people who are still using a printing press. #PrintJournalismMustFall


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  1. Everything’s racist except opposing race-mixing!

  2. We literally see absolutely no problems with calling for Oxford to take the oppression of people of colour seriously whilst having a coordinator who doesn’t take the oppression of Jews or mixed race people in any way seriously.

    • Cecil Rhodes's Statue

      My presence sitting on a College wall largely unnoticed for years is violent, but hating mixed-race relationships is A-OK!

  3. Thank fuck nobody’s noticed that our fashion shoot this week was also a bit racist #TobaccoBase

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