VERSA | 7 reasons to just give up and apply for a postgrad

Summer is here, term is ending, and while second-years fight over who has the most soul-destroying internship, finalists’ post-exam euphoria fades before the impending black hole of unemployment. Most of us abandon any dreams of an academic career sometime around our first catastrophic piece of tutorial feedback, but suddenly the prospect of putting off adulthood for […]

VERSA | It’s not Corbyn’s policies that scare me, it’s his supporters

‘Veteran left wing MP’ has been the standard description of Labour’s new messiah leader on the Beeb today – usually alongside an analysis of Corbyn’s victory and chances between now and 2020. Headline policies have included opposition to welfare cuts, higher taxes on the rich and denationalisation of the railways. So far, so good. I actually […]

VERSA | The VERSA guide to Trinity term

The quintessential Oxbridge activity we all flock to so that we can remind ourselves of how superior we are when we invite visitors to do it and they think we’ve made a typo. It’s actually pretty fun, despite being pretty much the most illogical method of water navigation around. All colleges have their own punts […]

VERSA | Welcome to VERSA’s Freshers’ Guide

You’ve opened your letter, or checked the internet, and the results are in. Congrats – you’re going to Oxford. A place made famous by its illustrious alumni, a lot of bloody tourists and monthly controversies in the national press. Your parents are starting to flap about what you’re going to need. Bed linen? Coffee machine? […]