It’s that time of year again, OUSU is once again funding students attending anti-austerity marches. 

The NUS National Executive Committee has supported a national demonstration that has been called in London on November 4th against cuts to grants that they say will hit the poorest future students. Last year, OUSU Council voted to support the NUS campaign for free education and put forward £200 to the cost of a coach to the national demo. This motion has also been passed by 15 JCRS.

A year later Oxford students are beginning to continue to support this national campaign with Keble, Hertford and Balliol JCRs donating £150 each to help subsidise tickets for coaches to this year’s demonstration and Wadham SU giving £250. OUSU passed a motion that it was against the principle of the cuts and it was only opposed by 7 votes (presumably hardline right-wingers from Toriel). St John’s JCR concluded at their meeting recently that: “We are richer than both Keble and Hertford” before passing £200 to go towards funding coaches. Yet after being shown up by Wadham, perhaps some of their riches will be diverted to yet more coaches.

Interestingly, the draft motions that have been put before many JCRs cite the importance of allowing all to express their political beliefs. Perhaps it won’t be long until OUCA seek travel expenses to the Conservative Party Conference.

However, with the day of the march fast approaching, there are only 132 students ‘attending’ (at the last count) which perhaps means that with all of this well-intentioned giving, each will be able to hail a taxi to London and back again, particularly if yet more money is pledged from other JCRs following last year’s example.

For those who fancy that, along with some social activism, the Facebook event can be found here.

Proposer Xav Cohen and organiser James Elliott have been contacted for comment.

Last year’s march was pretty dire, hopefully the snappy new slogan will make the protestors up their game.


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  1. Huge waste of money. Disgraceful motion full of factual inaccuracies.

  2. Jan Vaclav Nedvidek

    This is exactly the kind of Leninism my parents suffered from under communist Czechoslovakia.

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