Some prick sabotaged condoms left out for emergency use by Trinity MCR.

A college scout discovered the pierced condoms last Friday, which were immediately removed from display. An email was then sent out to the whole college to warn against their use. Piercing condoms is a criminal offence, but those within the college have not involved the police as of yet and no culprit has been found. Next time a scout walks in on you and your Park End pull, stop and think: scouts and your sex life aren’t always a bad mix.


Small pricks can do a lot of damage

An email from JCR President Catherine Moore condemned the“sick and horrendously ignorant” act of assault and assured members everything was being done to find out who is responsible. While Trinity JCR runs a condom delivery scheme to peoples’ pidges, the MCR runs the NHS C-Card scheme which means people have to go and get condoms themselves. The MCR felt that an emergency supply of condoms available for members’ use was necessary to protect anyone ‘caught in the moment’ without protection.

MCR President Charly Treiber assured VERSA that “[he has] every reason to believe none were taken”. Treiber condemned the act as a “challenge on the trust” within the college, and hopes to continue providing emergency condoms through the use of a free or low-cost dispensary machine, saying “we really have to work together to ensure this act, or similar acts, do not happen again”.

Our friends at the other place have seen their condoms sabotaged in recent years too. In 2009, a student at Newnham College, Cambridge only discovered her welfare officer supplied condom had been pierced the morning afterwards. King’s College, Cambridge also suffered from pricks, and pierced condoms, in 2007.

VERSA hopes that Trinity MCR gets a fresh supply of condoms soon, the bar is pretty dire and the students need something to do!


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