There are lots of names you need to know around Oxford (besides that of your bedfellow the morning after…), so VERSA put together a little quiz to help you out.

A BNOC, for the uninitiated, is a Big Name On Campus, and there are quite a few of them around Oxford. They are mythical creatures, occasionally spotted around the streets of our great city, admired by onlookers, and talked about in hushed tones: the stuff of Oxford legend. A BNOC can come from any of a plethora of circles of Oxford life – politics, sports, drama, OUSU, and, of course, the famed Oxford Union. Keeping up with all these legendary creatures can be a tough task for any Oxonian, so we at VERSA have put together a little quiz to help you get to know them. And who knows, the intrepid amongst you future Oxonians might have designs on finding yourselves on this list one year from now…


Can you guess why these people are famous around Oxford?


VERSA would like to wish our BNOCs the very best in their various escapades this year, and to all the aspiring BNOCs reading this, a warning: here be dragons…

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  1. What about me guys?

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  4. the legend of journalist Zac
    is sung loud throughout Oxford by hacks
    his once-lauded name
    now a badge of sad shame
    due to many quite terrible acts

  5. Brilliant if not a back handed ego stroking.

  6. I don't even go here


    Do an expanded list!


    Ayushi Nayak
    Elrica Degirmen
    Finn Lees
    Andy McKay
    Lulie Tanett
    Alex Chalmers
    Noni Csogor
    David Klemperer
    Anna Lukina

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