VERSA | What would definitely happen if UKIP won on 7th May

He woke to the smell of grease and smoke. Surprising, he thought, that his mind had even noticed; the dense, persistent odour had been ubiquitous since 2015. But perhaps the European wind was particularly strong today, sending a nation’s worth of fry-up into his sleepy nostrils. European. He shuddered. Disgusting. He wondered if it really was these immigrants, whoever […]

VERSA | Trouble in the People’s Republic of NoHeterOx

After consulting with the NoHeterOx Politburo, General Secretary Tam Guobadia issued an official decree re-iterating the principles of the radical paradise. According to the statement, the site was not a “safe space”(i.e. a space where certain subjects or views are deemed inappropriate for the protection of all its users), before the statement listed the various dangerous opinions, such […]

VERSA | Outrage as TWO colleges host speakers who claim “gay rights are wrong”

Students across the university are reacting with disgust, outrage, anger and talk of a petition after TWO colleges agreed to host a pair of speakers who claim “gay rights are wrong”. This afternoon, Wadham’s Okinaga Room hosted a workshop by an “activist duo” called DarkMatter. The title of the event, “DarkMatter: Gay Rights are […]

VERSA | We’ve got a fun game, replace ‘Tory’ with any other group of people in this anti-tory manifesto and go to jail for hate crime

Here is the manifesto: This ‘manifesto’ has been described as ‘abhorrent hate speech’ and ‘vile’ on Facebook. People have particularly objected to the use of rosettes to mark out Tories, similar to the ‘yellow patch’ used to mark out Jews in Nazi Germany and shame them. However, some took issue with the way Conservatives were using the […]

Lauren Patrick, Author at VERSA

Procrastibait:  VERSA and friends decided once again to exploit our sex lives for your enjoyment and have come up with a collection of our most tragic sexperiences.… Read More › Procrastibait: Without fail, every few weeks someone’s embarrassing teenage years will reappear on your News Feed.  You giggle, and just pray to the Facebook Gods that… […]