Everyone at Oxford fuels their wild nights of excess, Bollinger and love for grime music through a rich patriarch, right?

A new alternative to WahPlush is coming to Oxford this Michaelmas at every hipster Eton boy’s favourite venue, The Bullingdon. Daddy’s Money, a new soon-to-be-launched club night, will see a welcome change to the inclusive club nights like Supermarket and Burning Down the House. With Camera’s overpriced Jåger a thing of the past, Oxford has been crying out for somewhere worthwhile to spend Daddy’s money.

Invitees on the Facebook event include members of the aristocracy, BNOCs and suspected members of the infamous Bullingdon Club Good Lad Society. They’re all invited to come and ‘party with Daddy’s dancers’, which sounds more Spearmint Rhino than edgy grime night. Unfortunately, some state school plebs have also infiltrated the guest list, so the high society vibe might be ruined. Although most will likely be priced out by the £8 price tag for a ticket. Quite right, too.


Come and have fun with Daddy…

One regular of  Bullingdon events said: “Golly gosh! Finally! A place where I don’t have to be ashamed that I fund my nights out with my trust fund and the occasional puppy eyes to daddy. Gone are the days where I have to mix with a rag tag bunch of hooligans who don’t understand the intricacies of grime music and whose parents sent them to a m-m-m-m-minor public school.”

VERSA reckons Daddy’s Money will be great for access; it will make sure ‘the right sort’ of people apply to this illustrious institution. 

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