His Beardiness, Jezza Corbyn has won it. Some of his supporters make me fear for my party.

‘Veteran left wing MP’ has been the standard description of Labour’s new messiah leader on the Beeb today – usually alongside an analysis of Corbyn’s victory and chances between now and 2020. Headline policies have included opposition to welfare cuts, higher taxes on the rich and denationalisation of the railways. So far, so good. I actually agree with most of this.

Foreign policy is a bit more worrying. Scrapping nukes? Debatable. Withdrawing from NATO & being mates with Putin, Iran or the late Hugo Chavez. That’s a bit more concerning. And let’s not get started on some of his ‘associates’. Still, what frightens me most about a Corbyn-led Labour party isn’t really anything to do with him at all. It’s his supporters that truly scare me.

If you think Corbyn is ‘extreme’ on some things, you’ll need a new word for some of his Corbynistas. These people will divide and destroy my party. These are the people who will make us unelectable, not Corbyn. Ideological-driven bile is the favoured means of expression of some of Corbyn’s ‘fans’, who seems to care not about actually getting into power and making some changes if they can sit on the sidelines, protesting and chanting about their utopian society. They need to grow up, all the arguments in the world are worthless without the power to do something about them.

Even some of their arguments are toxic. One Corbynista, who was pretty vocal about the merits of his Messiah on various Facebook discussion groups got into the habit of sharing some of his other opinions. Namely that all non-black Jews should leave Israel. Lovely, just what we need, a Labour party ‘encouraging’ people to move countries.

Ideological-driven bile is the favoured means of expression of some of Corbyn’s ‘fans’…

Purging seems to be a recurring theme with some Corbyn supporters. After his victory, one commented online they wanted to ‘drive all the fucking Blarites out of the PLP with a shovel.’ Presumably to replace them all with robots people who agree with every word slipping out from the bearded mouth.

Division is how parties lose elections, it is how they lose support and crumble. Labour has always been a broad church, it does not belong to the Blarites and it does not belong to the hard-left of the party, it belongs to the whole membership. You do not have a right to rid the party of a faction, because you dislike it. Some Corbynistas need to learn they are fallible, and without wide support the party will never again enter No. 10.

This is what scares me about Corbyn’s leadership: his supporters have amongst them people who want ‘ideological purity’, a Labour movement without centrists. This is what will destroy Labour. This is what will give us 20 years of Tory rule. We’ve seen the 1980s and 1990s, and that scares me. Never again.

I hope that Corbyn proves to be a fine leader of the Labour party, and unites the party to a landslide in 2020. His policies will be moderated by his MPs, but some of his supporters will destroy my party if given half the chance. 

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  1. My Zionist paymasters greatly approve of this article!

  2. Why do you keep saying “my party”? I don’t know what that means in the context of a broader democratic process. Over quarter of a million (59.5%) voted for Corbyn in the first round – what claim do you, personally, have to the party over all of them?

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