Spoilers: we missed our flight home.

Way back on the morning of Tuesday 28th April, team VERSA was preparing to take Copenhagen. Six of us had booked flights (for only £2 return – bargain!) back in the Easter holidays and were super excited to go and be #problematicladsontour. Unfortunately, in the week running up to our trip, the squad was struck down by the most predictable of Oxford adversaries – no, not  Wadham left – academic commitments. And so we were three.

It was only at 4am on the morning of the trip, as Jake and I stood in Gloucester Green ready to board the coach to Luton, that we realised we’d suffered another casualty – this time to a particularly dastardly hangover. Perhaps, on reflection, the morning after VERSA start-of-term drinks wasn’t the best time to have planned this for. However, we’d come too far to turn back at that point and so, intrepid travellers that we were, we carried on our merry way.

Jake [my companion]: Luton Airport at 6 in the morning is not one of my favourite places to be with a hangover. It took a very large coffee to bring me round to some degree of functionality.

Screenshot 2015-08-03 20.26.06

VERSA likes to ask the important things

We landed and made our way into the city centre, where we procured coffee and pastries in a handy little café that was attached to a tourist information centre. At that point, our mere six hours felt like ages, so we decided to head out to the Carlsberg brewery (is this literally #LAD culture?) before coming back to explore the city centre a little more.


With hindsight, heading back to the airport after devouring this wouldn’t have been the worst of ideas.


A tour of the museum at the old brewery only set us back about £8, with two small glasses of beer included in the price -so well worth the journey out there. We got to wander down some extremely pretty streets, view a part of the largest bottle collection in the world, and see some fancy elephants (fake) and horses (real).


A tired VERSA reporter enjoying a 10am beer

Jake: With little difficulty, we justified drinking beer at 10:30am. It was better than supermarket Carlsberg. If I had more than hand-luggage, i.e. a litre, a can of beer would have definitely come back with me to the UK. Bloody airline rules. 


Oh look, a picturesque old town. Unfamiliar sight to Oxford students.


I spy with my little eye, something beginning with c-ultural appropriation.


Look, it’s all pretty…


After the Carlsberg brewery, we decided to get a last bit of exploring in and took a walk along the pretty shops by the river, stopping to have an expensive but tasty lunch (there was cheese and beer involved – what’s not to like?) before we made our way back to the airport.


Said airport only took us about 20 minutes to reach. Having left ourselves just under an hour and a half to get there and through security, we should have been there in more than enough time to make our flight. However, between the huge number of people flying out of the city after a science conference (I’ve never seen such a long security queue in my life) and our Ryanair flight having left five minutes early (Fuck you, Michael O’Leary. Fuck you and your shitty landing jingle)… we managed to miss said flight, and had to pay a hefty sum. for a later one. Whoops, there goes our £1 trip abroad.

By the time we got back to Oxford – less than 24 hours after we left, but having spent six hours wandering a foreign city, and easily twice that travelling and waiting around in airports – we were absolutely knackered, and I was fucking grumpy.

Jake: I wasn’t grumpy, probably because between exhaustion from hours in airports and on coaches, I had lost the ability to feel emotions. Note to self: Copenhagen is a cracking city, but don’t visit without a large amount of cash – it’s not cheap. 9/10, would visit again (the city, not the airport…)

So, kids, the long and the short of it is that Copenhagen is a wonderful city and I will most definitely be making a return visit. Just probably not in a day again…

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