VERSA | The emptiness of Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg awoke from a night of restless sleep to find that he was still a politician. He shifted blearily out of bed, reached down onto the floor, and pulled a wrinkled pair of suit trousers over his European flag boxers. He sidled over to his dressing table and punched a photo of Evan Davies. […]

VERSA | OULC back left-wing Jez for Labour leader

Record 5-time winner of the Parliamentary ‘Beard of the Year’ Award, anti-war and anti-austerity campaigner and darling of Labour’s leftmost wing, Jeremy Corbyn, squeezed onto the leadership ballot with just seconds to spare. Some OULC members were rather pleased with themselves, with one going as far to claim ‘It was the OULC wot won it’, as […]

VERSA is recruiting

Here are some of the positions available – apply here. Deadline for all roles is midnight Saturday of 7th week. EDITOR­-IN­-CHIEF You are the biggest of the dogs in the VERSA kennel, but the first thing you should know is that you’re leading a fairly flat hierarchy. You need to be strong enough to take […]