Oxford Women Self-Care, a relatively new Facebook group dedicated to the wellbeing of self-identifying women in Oxford, has taken a sharply political turn in its initiation of banning members as an ideological statement.


We’re so disappointed

For what appears to be the first time, a member was called “colonialist”, “especially ignorant”, and accused of “perpetuating horribly offensive stereotypes”. The post for which she was banned is posted below:



Oxford Women Self Care had previously been praised, alongside Skin Deep, for being part of a set of online liberation spaces whose culture was viewed as open and friendly – apparently in contrast to groups like Cuntry Living and No HeterOx.

Administrator Rowan Davis posted the following in response:


Another admin, Carolina Bax, apologised at length for the sympathy she had previously displayed to the original poster. Two women of colour were swiftly made administrators of the group, whose overseers were previously only white.

The term ‘white supremacist’ was used in discussion, and drama further unfolded with accusations of anti-Semitism – which have since been deleted by admins:




‘A’, herself a Jewish woman, has since also been banned. The furore continues on the group.

Those banned have been contacted for comment. The administrators declined to respond (but did post a screenshot of our reporter’s personal phone number – actually guys, it’s about ethics in shame journalism…)

VERSA has great sympathy for the sad puppy (pictured), for anybody who has been made to feel ‘unsafe’ by this article, and for those Jewish people whose voices were dismissed by people of privileged ethnicities

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  1. Thanks Kate B for making a mockery out of everyone whilst apparently endorsing self care. Versa is childish and you clearly all have a shit stirring agenda

  2. Considering how quick you take comments down, why don’t you take this article down?

  3. you won’t derail such a supportive environment, keep trying, you’ll just keep failing. OWSC has helped me overcome the fear of my own mental health and helped me be open and seek treatment for anorexia. Today’s incident will help make it more inclusive and diverse. You will not ruin the group that is a beacon of sunshine in the oxford community. Shame on you for belittling mental health

  4. really, people care to write this shite

    Seriously, who fucking gives a damn?
    Who is writing such shitty articles?
    Also, it seems like this article is aimed more at defaming the admins of the group, because really, is this anyone’s business and who cares about Kate B or Joe miles or any persons here vitriolic drivel.
    It’s like reading an article written by privileged preschool kids.

  5. taste of medicine

    I think you should publish your phone number on the article too so we can invite you to comment given you were happy to talk about it

  6. VERSA = Very Efficient Ratshit Stirring Agenda

  7. Lol at banned writers from this website looking eager on open Oxford that she’s not the only one banned and spurious plea to get ppl here. Hello everyone!!!!!

  8. Womcam has nothing to do with this group…. Repeat, womcam has nothing to do with this group….

  9. happy and satisfied troll

    After trolling your comment section, my self care is complete 🙂

  10. Hard left has a problem with antisemitism? What a surprise. These are the same people who backed someone for Union president who has absolutely no issue with using anti-Semitic slurs. Whilst for any other ethnicity they’d allow each of them to determine what they do or don’t find offensive, they’re extremely selective when it comes to anti Semitism and only listen to Jews who already agree with them.

    • ‘Hard left’? There are people of all political orientations in the group, including OUCA’S president Maryam. Caring for yourself as a woman has nothing to do with your own personal politics. Do try to get at least some background information before making such unfounded claims.

      • Nice Try Oxford Activist Network

        Yes but who are the *admins* associated with?

        • Sure, Rowan is left wing, but Carolina has no political affiliation. She has lived abroad her whole life and knows next to nothing about how UK politics work and affect people… And she was the person who created the group! I don’t know Chiara Giovanni. But I really don’t think the group has ever excluded anyone on the basis of who they voted for or for not being left wing. It is easier to engage in rational discussion than to make assumptions. I know Carolina and trust me, she is very much a question mark in terms of politics and is reading up to understand more about existing ideologies. She isn’t affiliated with anyone on Oxford.

          • i call bulllshit

            Why is a man running Oxford woman self care? Personally I find that an offensive appropriation of female identity and not very conducive to supporting women with problems that they encounter that are a result of the ~unchosen~ fact that they were born with particular organs. Perpetuating the patriarchy, tbh.

          • Cut that shit out right now “I call bullshit”. I don’t think we should make any excuses for antisemitism and I don’t think we should make any excuses for your disgusting transphobia either.

  11. Posting screenshots from a private group which is dedicated to supporting women when they are experiencing difficulties (the membership of which is contingent on retaining the privacy of the group!), in order to defame the posters and stir up trouble where there is none, is not only extremely poor journalism but is despicable on a level of human empathy and could be seriously damaging to the wellbeing of those involved. And you want to be taken seriously as journalists? This is disgusting. Shame on you.
    There are also several factual mistakes with this article, which only serves to emphasise your incompetency and desire to stir up drama, regardless of fair representation or truthful reporting.

  12. If you’re so happy posting screenshots with names without their permission, why doesn’t the author of this shitty article state who they are, you know, after breaching everyone’s anonymity.

    Seriously, this whole publication is like the daily mail

  13. This is not just a display of poor journalism/writing, it is a display of arrogance and a disturbing lack of compassion.

    Shame on you Versa.

  14. Is Zuleyka part of the group? What has she been up to lately? Last time I heard she was giving up on her MPhil Politics course because of the electoral loss….

    … an MPhil course that rejected numerous Ivy League students who actually wanted to study and not spend all their time at Oxford on extracurriculars.

  15. Great piece. It’s obviously touched a nerve as you can see in the comments. Keep up the good work and don’t let these fools put you off.

  16. what a bunch of self-absorbed shitbags

    A white woman complaining about India not being a feminist paradise makes me roll my eyes, but the backlash against her makes me roll my eyes even more.

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