The leaders of the People’s Republic of NoHeterOx recently discovered that its citizens were doing the unthinkable…disagreeing with them. 

After consulting with the NoHeterOx Politburo, General Secretary Tam Guobadia issued an official decree re-iterating the principles of the radical paradise. According to the statement, the site was not a “safe space”(i.e. a space where certain subjects or views are deemed inappropriate for the protection of all its users), before the statement listed the various dangerous opinions, such as Zionism and supporting the police, would not be tolerated, rather emulating the nature of a safe space  in order to keep the forum more open to new ideas. Indeed, so important was protecting this space from being a safe space that the benevolent administrators took to banning many of those dangerous “homonormative assimilationists”, known for supporting outrageous things like equality under the law, in an act of sound judgement.

Our beloved General Secretary also announced that the establishment of re-education camps where inmates will be forced to beg for forgiveness in front of cardboard cut-outs of the cast of Orange is the New Black, burn all books by or featuring Germaine Greer and Julie Bindel, and either dye their hair in a shade of neon or pierce their septum. In addition, some of those banned have been rumoured to have been assassinated by NoHeterOx-Ko-ordinated Vigilante Department (NKVD), even those hiding in Mexico weren’t safe.

Meanwhile, the pudenda pedants in the Democratic State of Cuntry Living have also been on the march in order to keep discussion flowing. Many report being hounded and intimidating after going too far by being so bold as to point out potential hypocrisy in calling for the destruction of gender binary while supporting the rights of transgender people to change from one gender identity to another. One suspects that a similarly painful fate will befall those who dare to question authority, moral or otherwise.

Some views seem to be more equal than others. 


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  1. This is the sort of thing that that Wadham TRAITOR Joe Miles would say!

  2. Friend of Dorothy Wadham

    (hushed voice) I have to keep quiet. You never know who’s monitoring you, ugh, I mean “safeguarding the Glorious People’s Republic of Wadham from ideological deviance”, but many of us here in Wadham, quiet though we may be, out of fear of the self-described “Oxford Radicals ™”, think the use of anti-semitic slurs in what used to be a safe space before the “Glorious Coup” and “the Great Purge of filthy revisionists of the Established Party Line” is appalling, dreadful and exposes these “radicals” for what they are, profoundly reactionary. It was particularly galling to see the goyim lecturing Jews on what is and isn’t anti-Semitic, but I guess Jews no longer fit on the Official Victim Hierarchy ™ anymore.

    There are many of us. We are legion. We are Wadham. Oh God, they’re coming to take me for “mandatory re-education.” I have to go!

    Until the next report,

    Yours sincerely,

    The Wadham Mole

  3. Cripes! Blimey! Looks like NoHeterox**** is in trouble! Maybe I can offer them a WONGA.COM bailout fund to help out?

  4. The Wadham People's Front

    Did you know that the Wadham Radical Left knew about bullying allegations against a certain election candidate this term and deliberately covered them up and spread smears about the accusers? Kind of makes them look like hypocrites, doesn’t it?

  5. Alexander Trafford

    But Tam, that’s SHOCKING!

  6. Is Zu gunning for NoHeterOx pres now that she’s banned form the union?

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  8. Can’t figure out what you think might be hypocritical about ‘calling for the destruction of gender binary while supporting the rights of transgender people to change from one gender identity to another’. Really cannot see any conflict there at all.

    Would be genuinely interested to hear from someone who thinks the ideas are in conflict so I can understand where this comes from.

    If you think there’s hypocrisy there I think you need to do a bit of reading up on gender. I think that idea simply represents a lack of understanding of the issues of gender and transsexuality.

    (From what I know, supporting the ‘destruction of gender binary’ confronts the idea that there are only two genders and the idea they are linked to your biology, since this idea causes people with genders different to their biological sex, such as trans people, to be excluded. So clearly destructing the binary is not in conflict with trans identities at all.)

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