Cut the crap – students & the Budget VERSA

In a move of painful irony, those keenest to alleviate the effects of austerity have found themselves bearing the brunt of George Osborne’s cuts. The 2015 budget, the first one delivered to a Tory-majority government in 19 years, has been accused of unfairly targeting the young, telling them to “earn or learn.” With young people […]

Tory ‘safe space’ makes some uncomfortable

A poster creating a “safe space” for Tories in a room at Christ Church has provoked an angry reaction on Facebook.  Posts on Overheard at Oxford Uni and Cuntry Living provided some real gems for procrastination. Photo: Harrison Edmonds Students are advised to be considerate around this ‘oppressed’ group, who speak on behalf of the free-marketeers, austerity advocates and Eurosceptics in the Christ Church […]