For 24 hours nobody knew who was hosting A$AP Rocky – it’s now descended to tit-for-tat infighting

On Sunday evening at 20:17, Annie Teriba created a Facebook event called “A$AP Rocky in Oxford: Constructing the Hip Hop Artist”:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 20.54.28


Within the hour, almost a thousand people across Oxford had received invitations. The event was scheduled for tomorrow evening in the Blue Boar lecture theatre. Tickets went on sale earlier yesterday evening, and – according to Zuleyka – sold out within 90 seconds:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 20.55.02


Tickets were available via eventbrite, for £7/12 general admission/front row seating respectively:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 20.56.54
The hip-hop artist is scheduled to speak at the Oxford Union today at 8pm, but initially Shahin assured attendees that the Blue Boar event was entirely unrelated:
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 20.54.54

Teriba and Shahin used the hashtag #HOLLYWOODnames in the description; a throwback to the doomed efforts of their “NOW or NEVER” Union slate (the answer, as gimps everywhere crowed, did indeed prove to be never).

Whilst VERSA would ordinarily commend the effort put into orchestrating such a feat, the most simple of enquiries revealed that, sadly, not all was as it seemed: this morning the Oxford Union created their own event, stating A$AP Rocky would be speaking ‘exclusively’ to the Oxford Union.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 14.26.18

Confusion ensued as students weren’t sure which event was legitimate. Annie Teriba confirmed this morning that Rocky would be speaking at the Union in a long statement on her “rival” event page. In her statement she slammed the Union for using the event as a political pawn, and claimed her actions were purely for the good of the students of Oxford, to make sure the event happened, and not for personal gain.

Recently-elected Stuart Webber and current President Olivia Merrett were also criticised, with Teriba claiming they blocked the event despite sponsorship being found to pay Rocky’s expenses, before going on to make the bold claim “We now believe that this was to prevent Zuleyka from being able to claim that she had confirmed a speaker in her manifesto.”

She was especially scathing about the possibility of Webber hosting, who apparently named ‘Purple Drank’ as his favourite Rocky song (it doesn’t exist – oh dear Stu!), and kindly offered to host herself alongside Zuleyka. #ForTheMembers, right?

A video of Stuart’s gaffe was shared to to Oxford-based Facebook group ‘Skin Deep’ by Kiran Benipal. It has since been removed, although remains visible on the personal profile of Katt Walton and elsewhere. It will not be published here for legal reasons, though we do note Benipal was instrumental in the ‘Colonial Cocktail’ protests. On that occasion she defended bezzie Teriba by throwing a glass of whisky at one man in the Union bar. Fiery friendship confirmed…

From information passed to VERSA, it appears that Zuleyka attempted to represent herself as the Union when dealing with Rocky’s staff. The team were thus operating under the impression that the event was (and had always been) at the Union, and last night signed a contract to confirm this.

The event is going ahead at the Union as planned. Teriba and Shahin have promised to refund the ~£930 they made from selling tickets to its rival.

We’re sure it was all an innocent misunderstanding on both sides…

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  1. Magdalen Shitter

    well I guess Now or Never got shat on once again

  2. Gimme all the dollar you capitalist dogs

  3. #dieunionscum

  4. stuart meant to say ‘purple swag chaper 2’, as any fule kno

  5. I can’t believe the Union made us look so silly. They must all be emotionally damaged and mentally retarded.

  6. Oxford Activist Network

    Getting a song name wrong is even worse than having sour grapes about an election result and also attempting to bully anyone who might destroy our carefully crafted narrative.

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